Is 30 the new 30?

I wonder.  Because I’ve been 30 for about a week now, and it still hasn’t quite set in.  I mean, I’ve still got hair, and people think that i’m 20.  Last week, I was training at my gym, and I was spending some time doing bagwork.  The dude next to me struck up a conversation and naturally, the subject sorta drifted towards our age.

“So, are you a pro fighter?”

“Me? Nah, I just do this for fun.  You?”

“*rubs his midsection*, I’m just trying to lose this belly fat.  I’m 28, so I figure that it’s high time that I do somethin’ for my body, y’know?”

“Um…I’m 30 :P.”


I’d like to think that those years spent doing taekwondo and all those other martial arts played a role in keeping my boyish charms.  Though I still need to burn off this fat, it’s starting to become a hassle carrying it around when I train.

This reminded me of Alissa's panda.

This reminded me of Alissa’s panda.

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