Metal Gear Sunrising…Good Morning!

Freddie Wong. We all know who he is, we all know what he does, and we all love him. If you don’t know..shame on you (and you call yourself a nerd.)


GOOD MORNING! waddup’ doe! some of you are starting your morning routines. and the rest of you are still asleep…lucky bastards.

Have you ever wondered what some of your favorite video game characters would do if they really existed? I’ve always wondered what Bubsy the Bobcat did in the morning…like, did he wake up and make shitty video games and beat up on Aliens that stole his balls of yarn, or did he also brush his teeth and use a men’s facial cleanser to exfoliate his skin like I do…anyway.

In this video Metal Gear’s Raiden meets Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale in American Psycho) in this showcase of slick CG wizardry with a fairly well-matched voiceover. The Certified YouTube star still manages to impress and entertain with his ongoing pillaging of video game culture and mastery of special effects software. Just when I think I’ve had enough videos showing just how hilarious it is when the constraints of a game character are brought to the fore by placing them in real-life situations, he drops this gem.

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