Metal Gear Solid 5 is announced… ;_;

Big Boss.  At one time, he was the villain of the Metal Gear series.  Solid Snake took him down twice, once in Metal Gear, and then in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake.  He was the focal point for much of the series, rising to prominence in Metal Gear Solid 3, Portable Ops, and Peace Walker (one of my favorite games, I might add).  In Metal Gear Solid 4, his saga came to a close in the game’s conclusion.

I started off playing Metal Gear Solid, where the only information I had on Big Boss was the stuff in the Instruction Manual, and stuff I could glean off the internet.  A legendary soldier whose genes were needed to save Liquid’s Genome Army.  Great.  However, after playing MGS3 and Peace Walker, I got to know the guy.  He was just a goofball that loved to eat random animals, hang with his homies, and he was scared of ghosts and vampires!  He was a real human that genuinely cared for his subordinates, and in turn, his subordinates were genuinely loyal because they cared for him as well.  In MGS3, we see the events which led up to him receiving the name, “Big Boss”.  In Peace Walker, we see the events that led up to him living up to same name.  At the end, Big Boss built up his own personal army that rivaled anything the civilized world had to offer (which a mobile nuclear launch platform, Metal Gear ZEKE).

Which brings us to this trailer for Metal Gear Solid 5.  Not only do you see Big Boss beaten to an inch of his life, along with Master Miller, you see everything he built get destroyed in front of his eyes.  Watching this trailer was painful as hell.

And if what the trailer says is true, then if it’s 9 years after the establishment of FOX….then this game takes place in the eighties.  Pretty damn close to Metal Gear’s 1995 timeline.

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