Microsoft Excel RPG

Arena RPG in Microsoft Excel

I saw this on a Gizmodo site today. I work with Excel everyday so I am quite impressed at what this accountant created. I’m no gamer, but I must say…this is what I call geektastic!!

Here is a link to the article on Gizmodo: RPG Inside Microsoft Excel

The RPG is called Arena and was created by Cary Walkin who is working on his MBA in Canada. Now, the only RPGs I’ve ever messed with are World of Warcraft and Aion. World of Warcraft I found to be quite dreary and I just couldn’t relate to the game nor was I able to remain interested in it for too long. With Aion, everything was so pretty and magical that of course I would naturally find it amusingly entertaining. =)

Anyway, this probably isn’t the first time someone created an RPG in Excel but this is the first time I’ve heard of it. Here is Cary Walkin’s blog for more information on the RPG: Cary Walkin’s blog. So again, geektastic!

(Side note: Wouldn’t hackers be able to use this to their advantage? Haha. Thought I’d throw that thought out there.)

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