From the desk of the Anime Conji Volunteer Coordinator



It’s my second year as the Anime Conji Volunteer Department manager, and it’s been quite a ride.

To be honest, when I first joined Anime Conji back in December 2011, I had no idea what I was in for.  My first meeting with the conji management was an eye-opener, because I found out just how bad things were.  Their previous coordinator did almost nothing, and quit in a hurry, leaving me to build up an entire department from scratch.

I only had 3 months to get a pool of volunteers going, and get them organized enough to do work.  Up to that point, I had only been a volunteer lead with the San Diego Asian Film Festival, and even then most of my work was checking in/out volunteers, and dispatching them when needed.  I somehow met Gail I. at around that time, and I made her my co-coordinator.  The two of us recruited a pool of volunteers and we got ourselves ready for the con.

Conji 2012 did have a few hiccups on our side, as we found ourselves short a few times.  We survived however.  During the con, I discovered our dynamic, as Gail was good with keeping data organized, while I had a knack for talking to people and moving around.  The two of us worked in tandem to keep the staff properly equipped with volunteers.  Afterwards, I kept in contact with most of our volunteers, and a select few I decided to keep on as future staff members.

Conji 2013 was different.  With Gail kept busy with her job and school, I went to most of the staff meetings.  However, they did give me free reign to build my staff and crew, and I brought my fam over, as they had experience working with volunteers and staffing events through SDAFF.  I also brought over Alissa (duhlissafied), as I knew that she was organized, meticulous, thorough, and tough.  She single-handedly organized all of our volunteer schedules, printed them out on a neat set of spreadsheets that were easy-to-read and work with.  She made sure that I didn’t forget anything and kept me focused.  She did everything that was asked of her and then some.  And as for Conji 2013, I think the pictures speak for themselves.  And the massive amount of alcohol consumed.

To be honest, I don’t know where I’d be without Alissa and Gail.  Those girls are awesome.  I owe them more than I can ever count.

So, Alissa, Gail, thank you.  Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you.  You two are the best partners a dummy like me could ever ask for.

And to the rest of my Dai-Conji Dan Squad, you guys are legit too.  ❤

Now let’s see what the rest of the year has in store.  Anime Expo, anyone?

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