EA… What are we going to do with you…?

Earlier this month, an article was posted on Yahoo! Games regarding EA being deemed worst company in America…for the second year in a row… (Article can be seen here) Apparently, they seem to have a problem with shutting down their servers prematurely and provided poor customer service (if any at all) as the article purports…

Not very surprising… I even wrote a blog entry back in October (seen here) bashing them for their laziness on their sports games.

Today, I logged into Facebook and try to play SimCity Social, only to see a pop up message in-game stating the game will be shut down on June 14. Though I’ve only really spent about $20-25 on diamonds to use in this game, I feel really bad for those that spent more money and even purchased diamond vaults. Already, there’s a ton of complaints, of which some of those posting their complaints vow never again to purchase anything from EA.

Oh well… It sucks to be EA right now…

2 thoughts on “EA… What are we going to do with you…?

  1. To be fair, SimCity social was a run-up to SimCity’s release on PC. Now that it’s out, well, it really doesn’t need to be out anymore.

    Though I will miss it for being a better SimCity than CityVille could ever hope to be.

  2. That’s true. It wouldn’t make sense to have a free version of a game if they’re releasing one that people would have to pay for… There were a couple of people commenting on the forums that had pointed this out. Still, a lot of people are still voicing their complaints and that’s just not helping EA very much at the moment.

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