An Upscale Casual Kinda Night

‘Twas another wonderful Wednesday night at The Office Bar in North Park, San Diego. Upscale Casual, my favorite San Diego ukulele band, brought with them the “sweet sounds of the islands to the mainland” once again. On this particular night, only three members of the band graced us with their island presence, but the band actually consists of four members: Jason Torres (not pictured), Vanessa Nguyen (middle), Frederick Callo (right), and Sean Davis (left).


As an avid fan of this sweet group, I’ve been loyally following them all around San Diego. I always make it a point to attend one of their shows any chance I get, in order to satiate my desires to hear the addictively serenading sounds of the ukulele. Their music not only comforts their audiences, but their stage presence also engages their audiences to feel the music with them. As they play a broad range of cover songs from Anuhea’s “Simple Love Song” to J-Boog‘s “Sunshine Girl” to Nicki Minaj‘s “Starships,” they imprint a unique island twist to each song that coincides with Upscale Casual’s unique style.

Their rendition of the childhood classic Ducktales theme song manages to provide a sense of nostalgia that warms the hearts of their audiences. Upscale Casual’s style is not only relaxing but playful, attracting all music lovers back for more with each show.

In addition to cover songs, they also showcase a few original songs such as “Good Times” or mashups of “As Long As You Love Me” (Bieber/Backstreet Boys). I love the 34 second mark of “Good Times” because I absolutely love carne asada fries and Korean BBQ, and I’m sure a bunch of you men will be amused at the 1:38 second mark. =)

Upscale Casual has been swaying their way around the mainland with their serenading ukuleles since July 2011, and with each performance I look forward to what comes next for this band. For more information on Upscale Casual, visit them on their Facebook page, their main site, their Twitter page, or their YouTube Channel.

Listen to them, like them, love them. And come join me at their next show!! Mahalo!! =P

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