Adobe switching to subscription pricing model…

I ran across an article today (seen here) where Adobe is switching over completely to a subscription service for their Creative Suite programs (which will soon be referred to as Creative Cloud).

For me personally, this move would make it rather affordable and easier to access Adobe’s latest software for a monthly fee instead of having to fork out an exuberant amount of money all at once for a license…or obtaining the software through not so legit means…

Since I’m currently unemployed, paying a monthly subscription fee is somewhat out of my reach, but that can change. After all, I would like to use all the latest features as most of those who have the current software are doing.

Something to look forward to…

However, that’s not to say there aren’t any downsides to this…

The article states that Creative Cloud would have to communicate with a server on each use, which would mean an internet connection is needed. This isn’t necessarily a good thing, especially for those that travel and don’t have access to the internet. There will be versions of Creative Cloud available for those entities that can’t access the cloud, but it seems those versions would be geared towards schools, government or large companies.

All I’d like to know is if I can access the software without having to connect to the internet each time. If I’m going to be paying for a subscription, the least Adobe can do is give me access to the software even if a connection is not available. This I will need clarification on…so I will look into it…

At any rate, this move from Adobe has been met with mixed reaction. Some are in favor, some are not. The success of this move will be entirely dependent on those using the software, so it’ll be interesting to see if this will work or not.

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