Is K-1 Ever Going to Pay It’s Fighters? Mike Zambidis Think So (Yokkao Interview)

Man, that’s not very encouraging.

FSA - FightSport Asia

Recently, Yokkao head -promoter Stefania Picelli interviewed K-1 icon “Iron” Mike Zambidis on the 11th installment of their ongoing series: Muay Thai Combat.

During the interview the Greek kickboxing legend answered questions about his opinions on past fights with Giorgio Petrosyan and Dzhabar Askerov, his gyms, and the future of the sport. Most interesting, however was his response to Picelli’s probing on the topic of K-1.

Zambidis admitted that he believed K-1 will pay all the fighters what they were in due in time. He also believes that the newest K-1 owner, Mike Kim, is a better businessman than any of the previous company heads, and is doing his best to get the fighters taken care of. Zambidis thinks that the money will eventually come in, but is also aware that due to certain economical reasons, it might not be immediately available.

It certainly is a glass half full mentality.


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