Goodbye Goldenballs aka Becks aka David Beckham


Farewell, Becks for all your fame and fortune you have always been a true footballer.  I admire him for this reason alone, he turned great talent into a brand. There are numerous amazing athletes out there but very few who have the empire that Becks was able to build. He did it through showing his worth on the pitch, and oh ya marrying the hottest spice girl out there (well done). 

Say what you will about him being over hyped and over paid..let us take a quick glimpse at this trophy cabinet..6 Epl titles , 2 Fa cups, 1 Uefa Champions leauge..and that is only with Manchester United. 1 La Liga with Real Madrid, 2 MLS cups with the Galaxy and 1 French title with PSG. That alone shows the man is a born winner.

What really stands out to me is how he went from the most hated man in England due to the 98 world cup to the savior in 2002. He never ran from his critics and chose to prove them all wrong. So I say Thank You also in apart b/c when he left Man United…we got Ronaldo. 

One thought on “Goodbye Goldenballs aka Becks aka David Beckham

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