Geek or not? The struggle continues.

Char is best IS.

Char is best IS.

Recent events have come to light where I’ve started questioning the fabric of my being.  Am I a geek?  Or not?  Why am I doing SSB?  Is it for the geeks?   Or for everyone else?  Will sacrificing content to reach a wider audience benefit us?


I spent the past week with a bunch of my geek friends and I always come from the meetings with a sense of purpose.  We do what we do because we love to do it.  Like my homies Mark and Ivan, who do films and video editing because they love doin’ all that.  Or Fernando, Keith, and Neil, with Jabronie Pictures, making Tokusatsu youtube movies because they love to do it.  Then our friends at RhythmEmotion.Net, Mylene, Lester, and Abe (RALLY’S ASADA FRIES), who are truly all about that geek life.  They’re awesome.  Darryl and Mike’s cosplay pics are legit and awesome.  I could go on and on…



There’s a sense of love and passion that you get from people that are into the geek life that you just don’t get from people that aren’t into that geek life.  People that are just there to get youtube views, praise from people, a cheesy network deal, etc, those are the people that I can’t stand.  It makes my skin crawl.  They’re not about that geek life.


What does that mean for SSB?  Well, we’re gonna keep doin’ what we’re doing, but we’re not trying to curry praise from people, or trying to get more views (but that wouldn’t hurt), and we’re not trying to cater to the mainstream crowd.  That’s never been our M.O. and it never will be.


Our M.O. is to cover the geek world, and to put our own unique spin on it.  We’ll put our spin through our manga, this website, and any parties/gatherings we hold.  Yes, we are all about that life, and it’s not to the exclusion of anything else.  Just don’t try to align ourselves with us because you’re hoping to get some more views on your channel, or you think you can make some money off of us.  If you’re down to chill and discuss how awesome Star Trek is, or why Charlotte Dunois is the best IS pilot (SHE JUST IS), then by all means, join us.

*Alissa, nice work with the categories 🙂


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