Get Healthy, Geeks. Nut-Free Kale Basil Pesto Recipe


Flatbread Pizza using Pesto!

So, to “fit” into all the fitness posts that Mr. Twitchy has been posting, Let’s supplement this with some healthy recipes. I’m the Health-Freak at SSB. And yes, it’s been quiet a while. Who else do you think they learned the secrets of Young Barley Grass, Matcha, and Ukon from? hehe..well, summer’s around the corner and I’ll be trying to post health related things and such more often. Let’s make this a goal for all…Summer 2013: Geekified Sexiness

This recipe makes about 1 cup of sauce. USE IT FOR EVERYTHING from pasta, bread, salad, couscous, etc.


Nut-Free Kale Basil Pesto:

1/2 cup kale, stems removed
1 cup Basil leaves
4-5 garlic cloves
1/2 to 3/4 cup Olive Oil (or Grapeseed oil)
1/4 cup of Parmesan Cheese
1/4 of Lemon

In a food processor, throw in the kale, basil, garlic, and about 1/4 cup of olive oil. Process. Now keep adding in oil until everything is well blended. Don’t worry if it looks slightly runny, You’ll be adding in the parmesan cheese at the end :).

Add a few tablespoons of parmesan cheese, a little salt & pepper, process again for a few seconds. Transfer your Pesto to a container, slowly mix in parmesan cheese until your desired consistency. Now squeeze a bit of lemon over it and mix.

Now you can use it for just about everything 🙂

❤ Ericka

One thought on “Get Healthy, Geeks. Nut-Free Kale Basil Pesto Recipe

  1. I love pesto! I made a spinach pesto in my ninja that was DELICIOUS! I don’t know why I’ve never made raeglur pesto, I think you’re inspired me. I have something I’m going to send you in the mail I’ve been lazy with my mail lately, but you should get it soon!

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