Let’s Watch the Korean Zombie KO a Thai Fighter with a Spinning Backfist

Holy crap. He fought against Pajonsuk!?

FSA - FightSport Asia

You’d be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t like the Korean Zombie. Respectful, humble, and an all around badass, Chan Sung Jung is perhaps one of the most dynamic forces in the sport today.

In honor of KZ’s many awesome achievements in the UFC, let’s take a moment to revisit his kickboxing career before his bout with 145 pound champion, Jose Aldo.

We won’t spend too much time detailing the specifics of this particular contest, but his opponent Pajonsuk Superpro, had built a career in K-1 embarrassing other fighters with his technical ability and speed. It’s best to keep in mind that under this promotion’s ruleset a spinning backfist is an illegal technique. Illegal or not however, it’s hard to deny getting KTFO so effectively that your arms lose 90% of your bone density.

Check it out.

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