Oh Me Oh My: The New Gangnam?

Apparently the latest single by South Korean girl group Crayon Pop, “Bar Bar Bar”, could be the next “Gangnam Style“? The dance is being called “Straight-Five Engine Dance” due to its cylindrical moves, which mirrors the movements of five engine cylinders. It has been rising in South Korea’s music charts. Go silly pop music!


According to the chief executive Hwang Hyun-chang of Crayon Pop’s label, Chrome Entertainment, their hit formula for “Bar Bar Bar” was a focus on visual entertainment, and not necessarily about whether or not the song’s lyrics made any sense. Really? “I dont want to stick at home now” makes a little sense. See for yourselves. Below is the video with probably a rough translation of the lyrics, and also looks like a practice video.

And here’s the official music video, so it seems. It has even captivated the Angry Asian Man, so maybe something is brewing. It is quite catchy and is energetic enough for working out at the gym. Haha.

Sources: WSJ Blog: Korea Realtime and Angry Asian Man


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