Happy Birthday, SSB!

If I let every disappointment get to me, STRAWBERRY SCENTED BURNOUT wouldn’t be here. As it stands, our website redesign is going to be done real soon, and with a revamped look comes a revamped comic.

I’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and write what I felt was fun, without having to worry to much about stories, WHAT CHARACTERS FEEL, what other studios are doing, and other bullshit like that.

When I first made the comic, I wanted to put all my friends in it, as a bit of a “thank you”, for helping me get through the toughest part of my life up to that point. I decided to go back to that.

As a website, SSB will continue to spin geek news with a unique spirit that sets it apart from other geek sites. More soul, more snark.

Everyone, thanks for sticking with me up ’till now. These next 5 years and 50,000 page views and beyond are gonna be awesome.

-Francis Bautista
CEO, writer of SSB


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